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A Magic Baby Christmas Story

Sorry that this is so late, guys. It turned out about 6000 words longer than I had planned. I know Christmas is over, but I hope you like the story. (Just a heads up: it’s 2-in-1).


Empty Nest

Leanne breathed against her palm. Minty fresh breath. She didn’t want to give her wife any excuse to refuse her. Not tonight, having already gone ten whole days without any nookie.

She bounded into bed then eased back against the pillow, eyes trained expectantly on the bathroom door.

'Get out here, my beautiful non-magic wife.'

'Must you keep rubbing it in?' came Melissa's grouchy voice from the en-suite. Judging by the growls and mumbled insults that followed from within, a struggle was taking place.

'Does it fit? You didn't put on weight while you were away, did you?'

No answer. At which point Leanne thought it best not to tease her further. Although she still got a kick out of it – after two and a half years of marriage – she liked sex better.

'Why did I let you talk me into this? You should be dressed like a servant, considering your background.’

'You know real maids don't actually dress like that?' Pointing this out only made Leanne laugh. Even now, it never ceased to amaze her just how out of touch Melissa was with the world. The French maid's outfit – an incredibly short black and white number, with frills and matching white stockings – had been a bold purchase. Leanne wasn't drunk when she made it, though that had been her excuse to Melissa when it arrived in the mail. Their ten day separation, when Melissa was away on business, had obviously made the dark-haired woman complaisant, prompting her to give in and put it on. But she wasn't giving in quietly.

'You had better make this worth my while.'

'You bet, babe. I'm gonna make it worth your while all night.'

Melissa’s loud tut then highlighted how cheesy and corny she thought the line was.

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That Girl - Blurb

Your ideal woman doesn’t exist? Create her.

Best friends Tiffany Burke and Kara Mascotti are in the same predicament: they’re perhaps the only twenty-five-year-old lesbians in Chicago who have never been with women! They’re convinced they will never get laid this side of thirty.

They’re ready to try anything. Even Your Love Creator, a dodgy looking website that has scam written all over it. It isn’t like any dating website they’ve encountered before. They’re being asked to design their ideal woman, right down to the smallest detail. But it’s just some harmless fun. Of course nothing will ever come of it…

So who is the gorgeous (and slightly crazy) woman who has turned up on their doorstep matching all of their requirements? And why does it look as though she’s here to stay?

Whoever she is, Tiffany and Kara can be sure of one thing: their tidy lives are about to get very messy.

That Girl is out now!

Amazon/iTunes/Barnes & Noble/Smashwords

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What’s to come in December 2013

Magic Baby Series

As some of you know I did promise to write a short Xmas story to accompany the Magic Baby series. The story takes place three years after House of Magic. You should expect to see that on here in late December, after Xmas. It will be free to download from Smashwords in epub and mobi formats on the day of release, and free everywhere else within a couple of weeks (some retailers don’t work as quickly as Smashwords).

First Novel 

My first full length novel comes out in December! Really excited about this. The title’s still a work in progress, but I’ve been calling it That Girl. It’s a romantic comedy with an element of fantasy in it. I’ll have more information when we get closer to publication. 

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Leading Ladies: Collection (Hollywood Lesbian Romance)


Cover for 'Leading Ladies: Marie'Cover for 'Leading Ladies: Olivia'Cover for 'Leading Ladies: Portia'

*This collection is 37,000 words; each story is roughly 12,000
*Rated PG
*Each story is available to purchase separately

When unlucky in love student Helena starts a new job working at a theatre, an unlikely friendship ensues between her and the star of the show, Hollywood starlet Marie Delcour. As they spend more and more time together, Helena starts to develop feelings for her that go beyond friendship, never imagining in a million years that the actress might feel the same… . 

Grace Shields has a good life: a great acting career, millions of fans, a girlfriend she adores. There’s just one problem: nobody knows she’s gay. When a book reveals that Grace’s relationship with out actress Olivia is more than one of friendship, her PR team hooks her up with a male heartthrob. The ultimate lie might save her career, but she may lose something more valuable in the process… . 

Tammy Bray is living the dream. As one fifth of the world’s hottest girl band – The Damsels – she has money, fame and an endless supply of beautiful women lining up at her door. Besides singing, bedding beautiful women is what she does best… But everything changes when she falls for her band mate, Portia. Now Tammy has to convince her that she’s more than just a love rat.

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes

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Hocus Pocus Baby (Magic Baby Series #2) - Lesbian Romance

Raising a baby is tough; raising a magic baby is impossible!

Cover for 'Hocus Pocus Baby'

There’s an urban myth that says the first born daughter of a witch and a mortal woman will be a sorceress. Luckily, no one in Verbena believes in urban myths… .

The new baby is here! She’s as beautiful as her brunette mother, and equally as volatile. When strange, unexplainable things start happening around the house, at first Leanne and Melissa think Dillon is involved; unlike him, his little sister is the product of both women, and they think he might be acting up because of this. But someone else might be behind it. Someone cute and angelical. Someone who shouldn’t have that kind of power. After all, babies aren’t born with magic…

It soon becomes apparent that their daughter Megan might not be as normal as they first thought. She has her own agenda: she wants her two mommies together, and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants.

**Book Two in the Magic Baby series**

Available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes and Smashwords

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Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes 2013

It was quite a shock for me to see that Jodie Foster came out at the Golden Globes, only for the simple fact that the protagonist in one of my newest books (Leading Ladies: Olivia) did exactly the same thing, only at the Oscars! Did Miss Foster read my book? Lol, very doubtful. 

Anyway, hats off to her for standing up and being proud of who she is and who she loves. 

Just in case you wanted to read a book about gay actresses in Hollywood, check out my lesbian romance series, Leading Ladies:

Cover for 'Leading Ladies: Marie'Cover for 'Leading Ladies: Olivia'

Both available from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. 

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Leading Ladies: Marie (book #1) - Lesbian Romance

The Leading Ladies Series — a series of self-contained lesbian romance stories about Hollywood’s elite.

Book #1 - Leading Ladies: Marie

Cover for 'Leading Ladies: Marie' 

When unlucky in love student Helena starts a new job working at a theatre, an unlikely friendship ensues between her and the star of the show, Hollywood starlet Marie Delcour. As they spend more and more time together, Helena starts to develop feelings for her that go beyond friendship, never imagining in a million years that the actress might feel the same… .

Available now from SmashwordsAmazonAllromanceebooks, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo. 

Read an excerpt:

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